Overlooked Benefit of Exercise

Exercise in itself will make you healthier, fitter and help you build muscle. But there are other benefits to exercise beyond the direct results from taking a run or spending an hour in the gym and we often don’t think about these. Have you noticed how when you are training, other areas of your life automatically start to improve? You think twice before drinking that Coke and rather opt for a glass of water or a natural fruit juice. You end up eating healthier even when you’re not specifically dieting. You take better care of yourself in general. This is because you feel better about yourself and the exercise is subconsciously making you more aware of your health choices. You become more conscious about your well-being.

This one action creates a change within ourselves and creates a positive ripple effect. We make better choices which benefit us and, many times, the people around us as well.


Starting is always hard. Whether it is a new habit or developing a new skill (which effectively also requires starting a new habit). When learning something new the initial learning curve is the hardest. Everything is so foreign and new. It makes it difficult to feel progress because there is a lot of “start-stop” trying to understand new terms and concepts. 

The good news is that it only gets easier if you keep at it, and inceasingly faster. Most people stop at the beginning because it’s just too much. If you’re able to break through the initial stages, you leave the masses behind quite rapidly. And you will be glad you did 2 years from now. 

How many times have you found yourself going back to something you started some time ago and didn’t follow through? Only to find yourself restarting a few years later. That’s inefficient because you have to go through a lot of that initial learning curve over again – and the initial part is the hardest. 

If it’s worth doing, or something you just want to do for some reason, then push through and get over the hump. It becomes much smoother and more enjoyable as you progress. Don’t stop, keep going. Consistency is key. 

Too much

A big challenge today when learning is that we have unprecedented amounts of information at our fingertips. This is great because we can quickly clarify things and improve our understanding of new concepts or ideas we come across along the learning journey. However, we can often be hindered by this same thing if we are not deliberate in how we use this resource. 

We can find ourselves quickly going down a rabbit hole if we’re not careful and end up wasting time going off topic. We can also find ourselves in uncovering a mountain of information and concepts that we still need to learn or think we need to learn. This can be overwhelming or discouraging. It is very important to keep focus on what you’re doing and just keep pushing through. Baby steps. Trust in the process. And then before you know it, you will be much further than you expected. 

The internet is a great tool and resource. But it is also a beast that we need to learn to control and work for us. 

On Praying for Others

“Why has our sincere prayer for each other such great power over others? Because of the fact that by cleaving to God during prayer I become one spirit with Him, and unite with myself, by faith and love, those for whom I pray, for the Holy Spirit acting in me also acts at the same time in them, for He accomplishes all things.”

– St John of Kronstadt